Human Whisperer 

What is a Human Whisperer?

A Human Whisperer is a person who "holds space" listening lovingly without interrupting, judgment or opinions, and is completely present for others. 

Who does a Human Whisperer help? 

A Human Whisperer is helpful when someone is struggling with traumas, depression, anxiety or a person is seeking self-awareness, enlightenment, and spiritual growth.

What may a person experience when being listened to? 

Sharing is self-care.  As you talk you begin to hear yourself, you open up, shift mindsets, become enlightened and gain insight into your life experiences which may alter your beliefs about yourself and life.

Key Principles of a Human Whisperer: 

- listening completely present (all attention on you);

- be loving and supportive;

- be kind and compassionate;

- focus on allowing a person to just "be"


Besides Human Whispering I offer several loving, kind & compassionate spiritual services. What requires attention and love? 

Mindfulness practices and techniques 

      When we are struggling with ourselves, others, and circumstances and need to get through either depression and/or anxieties learning how to be mindful and knowing which techniques work best for us is paramount.  Every one of us is unique so learning your specific practice and technique is necessary.  Some examples of practices are the worry stone, the clock, and much more. 

Conscious Relationship building and healing

     Relationships are one of the hardest things to do.  Starting with awareness from the onset of one can save you and your partner years of unhappiness and possibly avoid separating because you didn't know how to understand one another.  Presence is key.  Learning to love isn't easy and we come with baggage.  Learn how to build from self-awareness and, if healing is required, it is achievable whether you are presently in a relationship or want to heal from a broken one. 

Self-Awareness studies

      Do you find yourself questioning why you are here?  Or, maybe you are feeling a need to explore a deeper side of yourself and learn to love all of you.  Maybe you identify with your ego and want to let go of being a victim, or let go of roles, and discover how to discontinue your suffering caused by traumas.  There are many methods to learn to love yourself.  Discover yours and transform how you feel and live.  Studies include but are not limited to: me and my ego, the "pain body" & triggers, Peace or Drama, Victim or Inner Peace, and much more. 

Chakra Energy Dance

     If you were traumatized by sexual abuse and want to be free from struggling emotionally and physically with trapped trauma energy in your body, Chakra Energy Dance could help.  Enliven sensuality with dance!  As you work with your chakras and learn to move your energy you begin to heal those traumas from the inside out.  Chakra Energy Dance is not just for those abused.  Anyone can learn to balance sensuality with it.   

Services Provided

Human Whisperer Sessions


$35/hr or 2 hours @ $65

Spiritual Art Day

(Individual or group)

Wisdom from the Universe shared through spiritual books while you create.  Reflection and questions, connect to your Higher Power



  • Explore how establishing a morning & evening routine can change your life;

  • Energy Movement with Dance;

  • Your Environment & How it Affects You;

  • Spirituality & Consciousness;

  • The Wisdom of Difficulty

  • Conscious Relationships & Love

Seminars & Workshops are held:

  • In a Greenhouse setting

  • One-to-one in-home or office

  • Just Believe Boutique, Coldwater, ON

  • Libraries or Community Centres

  • Use of Reference and self-help books for loan or purchase;

  • Various manuals and exercises to enhance self-healing;

  • The Daily Binder


Wisdom from Life's Experiences

Since 1996, I’ve been on a self-healing and awe-inspiring journey of Self-Love. Guided by my need to discover happiness and achieve inner peace I challenged myself to learn love and uncovered my true purpose.  I discovered I had a huge passion to lovingly support and be a positive example to others, assisting them to love themselves.  I practice "Present Moment Awareness" and my life principles Love, Kindness & Compassion in everything I do and with everyone I meet.  I learned the only way to enjoy life was to love myself.  That meant to invite inner peace, joy and bliss in and let go of my old self, beliefs and values.  Gone are the days of being a victim to the past, worrying about the future and trying to control everything.   Today I enjoy the results of my journey and give of myself to support others through my learning.   

My soul purpose is to lovingly be of service helping humanity and to bring more Love, Kindness & Compassion to the planet.  I am dedicated to being a positive example of humanity. 

  Annette Chiappe, the Artist

While I experienced anxiety & depression I would colour to relax & find inner peace.  One day I started creating my own doodles and I discovered my deep passion for beautiful art.  My colouring book series Love, Kindness & Compassion are the result of healing my mental health issues.  Vol. 1, Love & Vol. 2, Kindness is available on Amazon.ca.  Vol. 3. Compassion is coming out soon.  


Learned to Love Myself also incorporates Art in various sessions because I believe that creating helps us grow and evolve as well as cope with life.  

Spiritual Art Day

(individual or group)

Per person $35 / hr (2 hrs)*

Wisdom from the Universe shared through spiritual books while you create.  Reflection and questions, connect to your Higher Power.  You can paint, draw, make a wreath or bring your own craft.  *Some supplies provided - please inquire


Contact me today to schedule your session.


New Lowell, ON Canada




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