• Annette Chiappe

Loving the Greenhouse

All my life I've wanted a space which brought out the creator I knew was inside of me. Moving to New Lowell and adapting to the country side was exciting. As I settled in I found myself at a loss for a space to call my own (I live with my boyfriend & his father). There was the greenhouse on the property that the men had been using for storage. It was neglected and pretty much abandoned since my boyfriend's mother had passed away. I went in to explore. It has two compartments. The first being the glass greenhouse and the other a small barn. Well I asked if I could clean the space up and turn it into a sanctuary for myself and others. Yes! They said! I went to town cleaning and removing all the years of garbage and stuff which was being stored there over to their new home, the large barn on the property. I put in a new floor, shelving, painted the floors and redid the earth for plants (which are still pending lol). Today I sit comfortable and peaceful there enjoying creating paintings, crafts, colouring books and of course holding my Human Whispering, one-to-one Self-Therapy Art and Alternate Life Assistance sessions. When I'm not working I do my yoga, mediation or just read and enjoy the songs of the birds and the wind blowing in the trees. I truly am blessed to have this space.



New Lowell, ON Canada




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