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In 2010, I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  I then made a life-altering decision to learn to love myself.  I had been traumatized by incest, physical & emotional abuse by my family, estrangement for 20+ years from my 3 children and using substances to cope.  Growing up I kept to myself & at 14 I found the man "of my dreams".  I married at 17, later moved to Argentina & in 1996, my world imploded with infidelity and spousal abuse. I returned to Canada without my children & 14 years later, lost and suffering horribly from PTSD, I had a spiritual awakening and sought help.  

Learned to Love Myself was born from my experiences and today I am a mental wellness activist & philanthropist. I fundraise through my services as a Self-Love Mentor & Speaker and donate a portion to mental health organizations from my mindfulness colouring book and card series, “Love, Kindness, & Compassion” which were created to encourage love for the self, others, & our environment

I am very passionate about being of service and host a podcast, The Power Hour of Self-Care through The Mental Health Warriors based in England wherein my guests and I discuss topics of self-care and ending the stigma of mental illness. 

My soul purpose is helping to inspire more love, kindness, & compassion 

Believing in Mental Wellness for all

Self-Love Mentoring

What is a Self-Love Mentor?

Self-Love Mentoring is listening & guiding you to learn about loving yourself. Assisting you without judgments, or opinions, being completely present to assist you.  Giving individuals guidance and tools which focus on a person's unique personal experience. 

Who does a Self-Love Mentor help? 

I help those who are willing and committed to learning about loving themselves, want to grow from their life struggles, traumas, depression, & anxiety.  Its for individuals who are also seeking awareness, enlightenment, and spiritual growth in all areas of their life. 

What may a person experience being mentored? 

A person may experience, but is not limited to:

- begin to hear yourself and uncover what areas that need your attention;

- let go and become less fearful; 

- experience a mindset shift about your beliefs and values;

- gain insight and awareness about your life experiences; and

- learn how to manage your triggers and how to respond to life.

Key Principles of a Self-Love Mentor: 

- listens completely present without judgment;

- loving and supportive;

- kind and compassionate; & 

- focuses on a persons unique growth

 Offering loving, kind & compassionate Mentoring Sessions.

Below are some topics covered in the 12 week Mentoring Sessions 


Mindfulness Practices and Techniques 

      When struggling with ourselves, others, and life circumstances due to depression and/or anxieties learning how to be mindful and which techniques work best for us is paramount.  Each of us is unique & learning your specific practices & techniques is necessary.  Some examples of practices are the worry stone, the clock, and many more. 

Conscious Relationship Healing

     Relationships, including the one with yourself, is difficult at times.  Starting with self-awareness may assist you & those you love, from years of unhappiness and suffering.  Learn to understand yourself and others.  Because we come with baggage learning authentic love isn't easy.  Life can be happier.  Let it begin with you :)  

Self-Awareness Studies

      If you're questioning why you are here & feeling a desire to learn to "Know Thy Self" then maybe you have identified with your ego.  Discover how to discontinue suffering,  conscious awareness is key.  Learn about your "pain body" & triggers, and much more.  


How Mentoring Helps



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