Alternative Assisted Living

Life circumstances can, at times, feel overwhelming, lonely or depressing.  However, it doesn't have to be so when there is a means of connecting with others who can assist you.  We can't do it all alone nor why would we? If your daily thoughts, habits or activities are so overwhelming that you're unable to make yourself a priority, I can help.  Welcome to Learned to Love Myself.   My soul's mission and my determination are to help others realize their full potential, assist and be an example to humanity however possible so together we can raise the positive frequency of the planet.  One soul at a time.

I offer a variety of loving, kind & compassionate support services to assist you and/or your loved ones with your/their circumstances in life.  As an awakened, conscious spiritual being here to lighten the suffering of others it is my goal to bring joy, smiles and inspiration to those seeking to better their lives through companionship.  My pledge is, "How can I help you?" What mind, body and spirit needs are needing attention and love?  What projects can't you do?  Are you struggling with loneliness, depression, anxieties or illness and require someone to listen and emphasize?  Maybe you have a physical disability which inhibits your ability to clean, cook or do small house repairs?  Having companionship with a giving, a loving and helpful soul who has over 20 years of self-healing practices can add inspiration and joy into life.  Also, as an artist, I incorporate creative arts to help others heal into their authentic self.  I facilitate and guide you during self-awareness, energy movement, meditation and other spiritual practices while you are growing and learning. 

Personalized Services



  • Consultation & Visit 

  • Home assistance (as requested)

Other options:

  • Day trip activities

  • "Story Teller Time" 

  • Meditation, Yoga, Mindfulness Practices

(for a full list of services required please complete & submit your request form below)



  • Explore how establishing a morning & evening routine can change your life;

  • Energy Movement with Dance;

  • Your Environment & How it Affects You;

  • Spirituality & Consciousness;

  • The Wisdom of Difficulty

  • Conscious Relationships & Love

Seminars & Workshops are held:

  • In a Greenhouse setting

  • In a Log Cabin setting

  • One-to-one in home or office

  • Libraries or Community Centres

  • Use of Reference and self-help books for loan or purchase;

  • Various manuals and exercises to enhance self-healing;

  • The Daily Binder


Wisdom from Life's Experiences

Since 1996, I’ve been on a self-healing and awe-inspiring journey of Self-Love. Guided by my own passion to discover how to be happy and achieve inner peace I took on the huge challenge to know myself and uncover my true purpose in life.  Along my journey, I discovered I had a huge passion to lovingly support and be an inspirational example to others, assisting them with achieving Inner Peace.   I practice "Present Moment Awareness" and Principles in life which break through suffering.  I developed my personal power and inspire compassion, kindness and love in everything I do.  I learned that the only way to enjoy inner peace, joy and bliss was to embrace ALL of me and let go of my old self, beliefs and values.  Gone are the days of being a victim to the past, worrying about the future and trying to control everything.   Today I enjoy the results of my journey and give of myself to support others through my learning.   

A Mental Health Break.  Artwork by Annette Chiappe

During my battle with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety & Depression I coloured to relax my mind and gave myself Inner Peace.  One day I started creating my own and I discovered my deep passion for creating beautiful art.  My 1st colouring book, coming out soon, is titled Love, Kindness & Compassion Vol. 1 and is the result of healing my mental health issues.  


I am grateful for my true purpose, helping others.  Learned to Love Myself also incorporates Self-Art Therapy because I believe within all of us is a divine creator and whether it's painting, drawing or singing, Art helps us grow and evolve as well as cope with life.  It helped me develop my sense of self-awareness, passion and bliss and you can too! 

Sign-Up for an Art Day with Annette

You can choose your session length anywhere between 1/2 an hour to 2 hours (see price list for details) 

For Sale:

  • Adult Colouring book $19.99

  • Artwork (without frame) 

  • Various prices

  • Artwork Frames starting from $15 to $100 depending on the complexity


Contact me today to schedule your session.


New Lowell, ON Canada




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